Horse riding lessons by the professionals in North Yorkshire

If you've always wanted to learn to ride a horse, or just want to polish up your old riding skills, come to Friars Hill Riding Stables. 
You can count on our experienced team

We have a broad selection of horses and ponies; so can cater for most abilities, shapes and sizes! We are British Horse Society approved and licensed by the local authority, ensuring the quality and safety control you require. Our staff are highly trained in both equine skills and health and safety. We want your visit to be one which you would wish to repeat again and again.


Top class facilities for learning

Our covered and floodlit school enables us to make consistent progress with our riders all year round. It also makes a difference not getting wet! We have lessons to suit all standards, from complete beginners who have only ever seen a horse on television, right through to regular, experienced riders. We take children from the age of 4 years right through to the elderly as long as they feel they can still do it! We have a strict weight limit of 14 stone or 89kg - if you happen to be over this limit then you will not be allowed to ride with us. Our lessons are either 30 minutes or 1 hour in duration.

  We also offer hacking or trekking, which is basically a ride out in our beautiful local countryside. An exciting change from riding in the schools. We can offer a one hour or two hour hack, depending on what you like and also your abilities. All hacks are escorted by our experienced, qualified and friendly staff. For our less experienced riders we can offer you a walk out for an hour or even a half and half (30 minute lesson and 30 minute walk out around the picturesque village of Sinnington). Clients must be a minimum of 8 years of age and be competent to take part.   

Please bear in mind that to take part in riding lessons at Friars Hill we request a minimum age of 4 years old and a maximum weight of 14 stone.


Choose the lesson you need:

Private lesson - this is on a one-to-one basis, i.e. you and an instructor. This allows you to get used to being on a horse and build up your confidence if you are in the beginning stages of your riding. It also allows more freedom for you and your Instructor to concentrate on specific areas of your riding which you wish to improve upon. Private lessons are also of benefit for those riders who own their own horses and need assistance with their training. 

  Shared private lessons - these are for two riders and you will share one instructor - ideal for any riders, beginners right through to the more experienced, husbands and wives, mums and children, friends or even siblings.   

Group lessons - these will have a maximum of 6 persons in them and as always, we try to group clients of similar abilities together, this benefits both the clients and the instructors as it helps the lesson to flow.   

Lunge lessons - these are taken by clients who wish to improve on their riding position and are taken as private lessons.

Please note: the pace of all hacks / treks will be dictated by the ability of the riders and the nature of the terrain. All Clients taking part in hacking / trekking must wear a shirt with long sleeves, long trousers and a fluorescent tabard (provided by us).
We are a Pony Club Approved Centre so you can join into the Pony Club educational system.