Bookings can only be made using our EC Pro registration & booking system.

All activities must be paid for at the time of booking using either a credit or debit card or gift vouchers.

Cancellations must be made via your EC Pro account, login in, click on ‘My Account’ you will see a box telling you how many lessons you have booked and if you click on this button, it will list all of the lessons you have booked.  Click on the appropriate lesson and cancel it.

If you need to cancel on the day, please cancel online and also telephone us and leave a message on the answerphone.

We have a 36 hour lesson/event booking notice set on our system.  This means that you cannot make a booking within 36 hours of when you wish to come, this is to allow us to organize our staff and horses.

We also have a 36 hour cancellation policy in place, this means that if you wish to cancel and obtain a full refund onto your EC Pro account, then you must cancel with a minimum of 36 hours before it is due to take place.


Please note: We do NOT offer refunds.